The History behind the Art Styling Surfaces and Backdrops…

Over the past two and a half years while creating paintings on stretched canvas, glass, and other mediums, many of my photographer and creative friends would ask me if I ever thought about painting surfaces that could be used for styling.

I kept putting it off, and off, and off some more… until I finally had a heartfelt conversation with one of my oh so talented photographer friends (Oh hey, Christine!) that helped give me inspiration and decide to start the process in the beginning of this year.

At first, I viewed it as a small “side” project. However, after months and months of research, countless prototypes, and all the love that was poured into making these, all of a sudden I realized it had morphed into something greater.

A “passion” project.

A passion that tied effortlessly into my why; to serve, inspire, and bring happiness into people’s lives through my art!

This passion project soon then morphed into the main focus of my workload, and I’m so honored to be creating other

Each surface has been hand-cut, taped, painted, varnished, and signed with a meaningful name by yours truly.

You see, it isn’t just “another” styling surface. It is original art, that came from my original soul.


A Few Beliefs:

I believe that messy and authentic outshines clean and fake. I believe that a good and loud jam session in the car can change anyone’s mood for the better. I believe we all deserve to live a colorful life surrounded by people who truly love and support us for exactly who we are. I believe that art has the capability of mending a broken heart and speaking directly to one’s soul. I believe that life is all about building a longer table, not a higher fence. I believe in relishing in the small organic moments that happen on a daily basis. I believe in the delicate balance between putting your head down and working hard, and lifting your head to embrace the view. I believe that you stumbled on this little corner of the internet for a reason, and I hope that you know you are welcome and belong.


Photography By: Kristen with Kristen Vic Photography