5 Ways an Original Art Styling Surface by Elysian Market Will Add Value to Your Business


Guest Blog by Sarah from Gracious Company

1. Durability and quality

Whenever there’s a new product out that everyone in the industry is raving about, my first question is always, “but does it work?” It may be a super cool idea with lots of potential, but does it pass the day in, day out, practical usability test? If I am going to invest in something for my business, my very first question is that of quality. Elysian Market’s styling surfaces pass this first fundamental test. Her surfaces are spill proof, kid proof, mold proof, and they roll up and then lay out flat immediately. They also come with a case that is water proof and protects the surfaces while making transport really easy. I was at a conference recently and it was pouring down rain (we’re talking sideways rain, not just a little sprinkle) and the case kept the surfaces completely dry. The quality is really unmatched. 

2. Tailor-made to fit your brand

Another amazing aspect of working with Kaitlin is how she can make surfaces customizable for you and your brand. We all know branding is so important, and most of us have invested so much time and money into figuring out our colors, logos, fonts and values. These surfaces are just one more way that you can weave your brand story into your work. Kaitlin totally nailed my brand colors when she made my custom surfaces. I had a pretty good idea of the texture and color that I wanted for my first surface, but for the second I was a little unsure. I gave Kaitlin a little bit of direction, but she studied my Instagram feed and made the second surface according to what she saw and felt in my brand. It wasn’t what I had pictured or imagined, but it was perfect and just what I needed. So whether you are already clear on what you need or whether you need Kaitlin to tell you what you need, you can have confidence that your surface will be made with love just for you. 

3. Versatility

Another question that comes into play when making a business investment is “how often will I actually use this?” I have found that these styling surfaces are very versatile! I use them in flat lays primarily, but they can also be used as backdrops for portrait close ups (or products like cake), and they can be used as backgrounds for bloggers and content creators. You can use these for styled shoots and your real weddings and they will look different each time depending on your details, styling, lighting and where you choose to place your items on the surface because the different edges and spaces that make up the surface are unique. 

4. Supporting small business is good for everyone

As a small business owner (like the rest of you photographers), I know first hand the value of supporting small businesses. I know the kind of care and attention that I give to clients is so much more than what you get in a big box store. So, I also am aware of the kind of care and attention that Kaitlin gives to her clients. So much heart and love goes into the creation of these surfaces and that makes them far superior to ordering generic fabric surfaces online. If you want a background for your flat lays, go to Google. If you want a kickass experience working with someone who cares about you and your business and an original art piece that tells a story, talk to Kaitlin.

5. Elevate your work for a luxury market

 When I started using Kaitlin’s surfaces,  I was immediately blown away by how my work was instantly elevated. I didn’t change my styling or my props, but the background made such a huge difference in taking my work from average to high end. I think that every photographer has the goal of breaking into the luxury market… well, you have to produce luxury work to make that happen and this is an easy place to start. These surfaces are great for styled shoots, because editors love to see as many vendor credits as possible and using the same background for your flat lays shows a more consistent and clean story. These surfaces will elevate your styled shoot details, making them publish worthy. Even more than styled shoots though, these surfaces are so valuable for real wedding days. If you want to attract luxury clients, you have to serve your current clients and you have to treat them like they are luxury clients. They deserve the same kind of care and attention that luxury clients do. When you use these surfaces on real wedding days, you are not only elevating your portfolio and showing the work you are capable of, but you are serving your clients well. If your brand is luxury and high end, it’s up to you to bring that with you on a wedding day. Don’t wait for the perfect clients. Work your magic and transform any wedding day to look luxurious. An easy step to that goal is to contact Kaitlin today for your custom art piece!

Photography: Sarah with Gracious Company