3 Easy Ways to Set Up the 4x4.5ft Styling Backdrop


Let’s face it! If you are a creative business owner you know that a large styling backdrop could be used in a variety of different ways, and would be extremely beneficial for your business; however you may be wondering how easy it will be set up. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Below I have broken it down into three easy ways to display these 4x4.5ft beauties!

  1. Extra Set of Hands - Always nice to have, right?! Whether it be a second shooter, a helpful bridesmaid, or your spouse, this is an easy on the go option that allows for you to capture the shot(s) and continue on with your day!

  2. Heavy Duty Clips - Just in case you don’t have a second shooter or someone close by to hold the backdrop, you can also use this semi-permanent option and attach them to anything in your home, studio, or on-site at a venue. Each custom Styling Backdrop order will come with four heavy duty clips as well as a carrying case.

  3. Attach to Structure - Would be ideal if you are looking for more of a permanent and/or sturdy option.. You can go the DIY route with buying iron or PVC pipes from a hardware store and building it yourself, or buy a pre-made structure like this one. Great for florists, event planners, photographers using it for stylized shoots, etc.

So now that you know how you could easily set it up, I would love to work together! Click here to place your custom order!