Q: I see that they are rollable, are they durable too?

A: Yes! Before putting these out in the world, I tested numerous different materials and had many prototypes (check out my Art Styling Surfaces IG Highlight). The material is high-quality and flexible. I also place two coats of varnish to help seal and protect the creation for years to come.

Q: How often do you launch the pre-made 26x30 collections?

A: Every 3-5 weeks (rough estimate) I launch a limited quantity of Art Styling Surfaces through Instagram Stories. These creations are hand-painted, one-of-a kind, and truly unique - just like you! The launch dates will be posted on the Home Page of my website and in my Instagram Bio.

Q: Do you only hand mix each color for the customs, or for the pre-made as well?

A: I pride myself in hand mixing each and every color for the pre-made and custom creations. I keep track of all the colors I use on each surface, this allows for a truly one-of-a kind creation!

Q: What are my size options if I want a custom piece?

A: Yay on custom! There are two size options for customization - 30x32 and 4x4.5ft. Click here for more information!

Q: What is your turnaround time on custom pieces?

A: Depends on size, but usually 2-3 weeks. If you need it sooner for a particular event, please add that in the notes section when you fill out the form.

Q: Do all the size options come with a water-resistant case and complimentary shipping in the continental U.S?

A: Yes, all sizes comes with the case and complimentary shipping! I researched and tested numerous carrying cases to ensure that your special surface would be protected, and love that it’s ready to go right when you receive it in the mail.

Q: Do you rent any of your backdrops?

A: I don’t currently rent any of my creations out. If that changes, I will be sure to let you know!

Q: How do I get more information if I would like a larger backdrop then a 4x4.5ft?

A: I would love to hear from you! Please shoot me an email at

Q: Is there a way for me to be in the know with all the updates and launches?

A: Yes! I would love for you to sign up for my newsletter - fill in the information below!