Hi! My name is Kaitlin Noverr, and I'm the abstract artist behind elysian market. The meaning behind elysian is complex, yet meaningful: beautiful or creative, divinely inspired, peaceful or perfect. This word guides me through the completion of my paintings with the hope of evoking a moment of zen, self reflection, and awe to the viewer.

My works reflect life’s elegant balance between; tranquility and statement, light and darkness, and the natural progression of authentic self-awareness.

You can find me in Cincinnati, Ohio living in my paint clothes, connecting with people through my creations, all while continuing to push the boundaries of contemporary art.


A Few Beliefs

I believe that messy and authentic outshines clean and fake. I believe that we all deserve to live a colorful life surrounded by people who truly love and support us for exactly who we are. I believe that art has the capability of mending a broken heart and speaking directly to one’s soul. I believe that life is all about building a longer table, not a higher fence. I believe in relishing in the small organic moments that happen on a daily basis. I believe in the delicate balance between putting your head down and working hard, and lifting your head to embrace the view. I believe that you stumbled on this little corner of the internet for a reason, and I hope that you know you are welcome and belong.