Photography: Sarah with  Gracious Company

Photography: Sarah with Gracious Company


Details on Surfaces:

1.     Each surface is hand-painted and one of a kind.

2. Size – 26x30

3     Rollable, wrinkle free, mold-free

4.     Liquid Resistant

5.     Kid, toy, travel and pet proof

Each surface comes with a water resistance carrying case and complementary shipping in the U.S. Be sure to go check out my Art Styling Surface Instagram Highlight for more information!

It All Started When…

Numerous of my photographer and creative friends over the past two years had asked me if I had ever thought about painting surfaces that others could use for styling.

When I decided to start working on these Art Styling Surfaces in the beginning of the year, I viewed it as a small “side” project. However, after months and months of research, countless prototypes, and all the love that was poured into making these, all of a sudden I realized it had morphed into something greater.

A “passion” project.

A passion that tied effortlessly into my why; to serve, inspire, and bring happiness into people’s lives through my art!

Each surface has been hand-cut, taped, painted, varnished, and signed by yours truly.

You see, it isn’t just “another” surface. It is original art, that came from my original soul.