I’m super picky when it comes to buying things for my business, because I see each purchase as an investment. Kaitlin made two custom surfaces for me and we discussed my brand colors and it meant so much that she took all that into consideration while creating these one-of-a kind pieces. I now have three, absolutely love all of them, and can’t wait to collect more soon.
— Sarah with Gracious Company
I’m beyond pleased with my new Styling Backdrop, “Zion”! Being a florist I wanted a backdrop that would allow the flowers to be the focal point, stand out, and be able to shot at any and all angels. Kaitlin exceeded my expectations and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.
— Kaytee with Roots Floral Design
I accidentally spilled my coffee all over my Art Styling Surface (life happens, right). I have to be honest, I panicked but then remembered seeing Kaitlin do all the liquid tests so I was hopeful. After quickly and easily wiping it all off with a paper towel, I was so elated that the surface was not damaged at all! I was able to finish the shoot, and have continued to use her without any problems!
— Lindsey with Lindsey Zitzke Photography
IMG_2732 (1).JPG
Cassidy Alane Photography-Rosewood Manor - Dayton Ohio Wedding-Engagement Photography372.jpg
I love the versatility of my Art Styling Surface! The colors and textures are gorgeous and discover new things about it in different environments, lighting situations, and different details on it! Provide a really consistent and clean look to style on!
— Kemari with Kemari Lyn Films
Cassidy Alane Photography-Rosewood Manor - Dayton Ohio Wedding-Engagement Photography336.jpg
I’m completely in love with my two Art Styling Surfaces! I get so many compliments from other vendors and my clients have been loving their detail shots! Not only that, Kaitlin is the easiest and most professional person to work with.
— Rachel with Rachel Graham Photography
When you love your first Art Styling Surface for being light-weight, protected with an archival varnish, and one-of-a kind you order a custom 72x72 backdrop! Or at least that is what I did, and I’m so happy that I did!
— Olivia with Olivia Hatfield Photography
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I purchased a Pre-Made Art Styling Surface from Round 1 and loved it so much that I asked my Mom to get me a Custom Art Styling Surface for my birthday! These can be used in so many ways. I have used them for weddings, stylized shoots, and my brand re-launch. These hand-painted surfaces will take your photos and work to the next level!
— Lexi with LRA Photo
Cassidy Alane Photography-Rosewood Manor - Dayton Ohio Wedding-Engagement Photography350.jpg
I used to use styling boards that I created until I got a Custom Art Styling Surface from Kaitlin. It is so beautiful, easy to transport, durable, and it has definitely elevated my detail shots!
— Jocelyn with Inphinite Photo

Photography By: Sarah with Gracious Company, Christine with Ji Cherir Photography, Manda with Manda Weaver Photography, Laura with Laura Katie Photography, Cassidy with Cassidy Alane Photography, Lindsey with Lindsey Zitzke Photography, Kristen with Kristen Victoria Photography, Amanda with Amanda Eloise Photography, Kourtney with Kourtney Fossaluzza Photography, Lexi with LRA Photography, and Alexa with Broc and Alexa Photography